Initial: $120 (please allow 1.5hour+)

Subsequent: $99 (please allow 1 hour+)

Myofascial Guidance $150

Cupping $50

Moxibustion: $50

Electronic Therapy (deep tissues massage) $70 (30 minutes)

Combination treatment / over 2hrs $50 extra

Our fees are inclusive and cover your consultation and acupuncture treatment, and any additional treatments which may be appropriate for your condition, including cupping, electro therapies, or moxibustion.


Herbal medicine

Granules: standard 100g prescription $60~$80  (cost may vary per prescription – see note below)

Pills:  $25

NB: the cost of herbal medicine may vary slightly (up or down) depending on your dosage, the ingredients used, and the number of days your prescription covers.  We will let you know the final cost before we make up your prescription.  


Do You Have Private Health Insurance?

These days most health funds offer extras cover which may entitle you to a rebate on the cost of your acupuncture treatments.  Note that rebates are only payable for treatments by registered, professional acupuncturists who have been approved by your health fund.

Lilli Ho is fully qualified professional acupuncturists and herbalists and are registered with all major health funds.  Depending on your fund and level of cover, you may be eligible for a rebate for your acupuncture treatments.  Please check with your fund regarding your eligibility and rebate amounts.

We will issue with a receipt that you can take directly to your fund’s office to make your claim.



If you have difficulty claiming a rebate to which you should be entitled, please call your health fund.


Payment options

We accept Cash, EFTPOS, Mastercard and Visa,  All fees are payable at the end of your treatment. Treatment plan available with discounts.